Mission, Purpose and Goals

Fayetteville Technical Community College—Education for life

“Serve our community as a learning-centered institution to build a globally competitive workforce supporting economic development”

Approved by the FTCC Board of Trustees: February 16, 2009
Last Reaffirmed: February 15, 2016

Institutional Goals – 2015-2020

  1. Respond to student and community needs through measurable goals.
  2. Establish a culture of quality customer service.
  3. Ensure fiscal responsibility, accountability, and financial stability.
  4. Focus on workforce preparedness to support economic development.

Adopted: September 16, 2013
Reaffirmed: February 15, 2016


The purpose of Fayetteville Technical Community College is to provide affordable vocational-technical, business and industry, general education, college transfer, and continuing education programs, which meet the needs and desires of its diverse students and economic development needs for the community. To improve the educational base of society, FTCC encourages life-long learning and strives to prepare students for further workforce and educational experiences.

FTCC identifies the educational needs of applicants and assists students in satisfying these needs at a minimal expense. Each adult who applies will be admitted to a program appropriate to his/her abilities and interests. The College is in partnership with the public school system through College Tech Prep and other programs. Further, agreements with four-year colleges and universities support the educational continuum from high school through the baccalaureate degree.

Curricular programs reflect the changing technical, commercial, industrial, and health needs of Fayetteville, Cumberland County, and surrounding areas. Various curricula offer certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees. As a learning-centered college, FTCC offers courses and programs at times and places convenient to students in a variety of delivery modes. Courses are also available for high school graduates who need additional academic preparation before attempting college work.

FTCC provides instruction in the basic life skills needed to contribute effectively to society. Continuing Education programs are designed to meet specific needs in basic educational competencies, high school completion, upgrading occupational skills, and other avocational or practical skills required for the rapidly changing technological advances in the community.

Adopted: April 27, 1992
Approved: Board of Trustees, February 16, 2009
Reaffirmed: February 15, 2016

Note: The Administrative Procedures Manual publishes the most current official Purpose Statement for FTCC. Any reprint of the FTCC Purpose Statement must use this source, verbatim and in its entirety.