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The institution provides student support programs, services, and activities consistent with its mission that are intended to promote student learning and enhance the development of its students. (Student Support Services)

Compliance ____ Non-Compliance


Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this core requirement. The College promotes student learning by providing services, programs, and activities consistent with the mission to serve the community as a learning-centered institution.


The Student Services Mission Statement supports the FTCC Mission Statement. FTCC provides support services to current and prospective students through face-to-face and online services. The organizational structure (pg. 658) student services encompasses Enrollment Management, Admissions, Registration/Curriculum, Counseling Services, Financial Aid, Early Childhood Center, Disability Support Services, Spring Lake Campus, Military and Veteran Services, and Student Activities. The student body profile is reported annually in the College’s Fact Book (pg. 49). Students taking courses at off-campus instructional sites or taking distance and correspondence education courses have access to student support programs, services, and activities through Webadvisor®, Blackboard Learning Management System, and web pages of the various support activities from the College’s home page.

The Dean of Enrollment Management (pg. 84) is responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing enrollment initiatives. This includes integrating student services and academics by analyzing and evaluating data on enrollment, program selection, retention, and graduation for successful student outcomes. The data is used for approving new or modifying programs that enhance student learning and productivity.

The Director of Admissions is responsible for student recruitment and the admissions process. Recruitment brochures are provided to potential students for programs of study available at the College. Admissions information provides links to Gainful Employment, Net Price Calculator, and the College’s commitment to providing a safe learning environment. Admissions Counselors meet with students and assist with first term processes.

Counseling Services provide activities that enhance and encourage the academic success of students through group and individual counseling sessions, workshops, and online learning orientations. Faculty may refer students for counseling as needed.  The Employee and Student Assistance Program is available to those who need long-term and/or intensive counseling. Additionally, national and local hotline numbers are posted on the Counseling Services website.

The Academic Assessment and Placement Office evaluates correct placement for students. Evaluative measures can include the North Carolina Diagnostic Assessment and Placement (NCDAP) test and Multiple Measures test exemptions. The Academic Placement and Assessment Office provides practice resources to assist students in preparation for NCDAP testing.  The office also administers standardized tests for students.

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for curriculum registration activities and deadlines, publications, and student academic records.  The Registrar’s Office maintains support of WebAdvisor®, which provides students access to registration, financial aid, transcripts, and other academic support services. Computer stations and labs are available at multiple locations for students to use for registration, email, and access to WebAdvisor®.

The Parents for Higher Education (PFHE) Grant provides child care assistance to qualified students who are single heads of households and/or displaced homemakers.  The PFHE grant also provides enrichment activities for students who are program participants.

The University Outreach Center provides assistance, counseling, and information for students intending to transfer to a four year college/university. The Center also hosts an annual College Transfer Day.

The JOBS Center assists students in locating employment opportunities locally, regionally and nationally. Staff also provides job-related assistance in areas such as:

  • career assessment
  • resume writing
  • mock interviews
  • pre-employment interviews for work-study students
  • soft-skills enhancement

Additionally, the College provides access to Economic Modeling Specialist International’s Career Coach Software that provides real-time employment and income data. Students can look for jobs within the region, use an internal resume writer system, and apply for advertised positions electronically. This self-service software is available 24 hours a day from any computer or mobile device with internet access. Also, the College provides access to an Online Job Board.

The Disability Support Services office provides reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities. These accommodations include but are not limited to readers, interpreters, note-takers, assistive learning devices, and separate testing locations.

The Corporate and Continuing Education Division, through its Small Business Center, sponsors home based business expos and networking events to current students, alumni, and the community. Current students and alumni can also enroll in online courses that provide assistance in practical skill sets in small business management to help create, own, and manage a small business.

The Financial Aid Office provides students with financial aid assistance through loan programs, scholarships, and federal grants. This office provides loan information and conducts workshops on completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This office also provides consumer information as prescribed by the Department of Education.

The Student Activities Office coordinates enrichment and socializing activities for FTCC students, including access to a student lounge. The office also provides resources for various clubs and organizations to enrich the educational experience. The office is the liaison for the Student Government Association, a governing body for the students that addresses any issues and concerns of students.

Student support programs are annually assessed through the Graduate and Current Student Satisfaction Surveys. The findings from these surveys are used to formulate action plans to continually improve student support processes. 

Link Name File Location
Student Services Mission Statement /5thYearDocs/2.10/STUDENT SERVICES MISSION STATEMENT.pdf
FTCC Mission Statement /5thYearDocs/2.10/About FTCC.pdf
support services /5thYearDocs/2.10/Support Services-Campus Wide_2.pdf
organizational structure (pg. 658) /5thYearDocs/2.10/FTCC_InstitutionalEffectiveness_HandbooksManuals_OrganizationalHandbook.pdf#page=658
Fact Book (pg. 49) /5thYearDocs/2.10/factbook2015.pdf#page=49
webadvisor® /5thYearDocs/2.10/Log In.pdf
Blackboard Learning Management System /5thYearDocs/2.10/Student-Support.pdf
support activities /5thYearDocs/2.10/Student-Services.pdf
Dean of Enrollment Management (pg. 84) /5thYearDocs/2.10/FTCC_InstitutionalEffectiveness_HandbooksManuals_OrganizationalHandbook.pdf#page=84
admissions process /admissions-process.html
Recruitment brochures /5thYearDocs/2.10/BLET.pdf
Gainful Employment /5thYearDocs/2.10/Gainful Employment.pdf
Net Price Calculator /5thYearDocs/2.10/Net Price Calculator.pdf
safe learning environment /5thYearDocs/2.10/Public Safety Security - Fayetteville Technical Community College.pdf
processes /5thYearDocs/2.10/Admissions Counselors.pdf
Counseling Services /5thYearDocs/2.10/Counseling Services.pdf
workshops /5thYearDocs/2.10/Effective Study Habits.pdf
refer /5thYearDocs/2.10/C-50.pdf
Employee and Student Assistance Program /5thYearDocs/2.10/esap.pdf
hotline numbers /5thYearDocs/2.10/help-line-numbers.pdf
Academic Assessment and Placement Office /5thYearDocs/2.10/Academic Assessment and Placement Testing.pdf
test exemptions /test-exemptions.html
practice resources /5thYearDocs/2.10/Practice Resources.pdf
standardized tests /5thYearDocs/2.10/standardized-tests.pdf
Registrar’s Office /registrars-office.html
WebAdvisor® /5thYearDocs/2.10/WebAdvisor-for-Students.pdf
Parents for Higher Education /5thYearDocs/2.10/Child Care Grant.pdf
enrichment activities /5thYearDocs/2.10/PFHE 2016 events form.pdf
University Outreach Center /5thYearDocs/2.10/University Outreach.pdf
information /5thYearDocs/2.10/University Outreach.pdf
College Transfer Day /5thYearDocs/2.10/CTD 2016 Attending Flyer.pdf
JOBS Center /5thYearDocs/2.10/JOBS Center.pdf
Career Coach /5thYearDocs/2.10/career-coach.pdf
Online Job Board /5thYearDocs/2.10/online-job-board.pdf
Disability Support Services /5thYearDocs/2.10/Disability Support Services.pdf
Corporate & Continuing Education Division /5thYearDocs/2.10/Corporate Continuing Education.pdf
Small Business Center /5thYearDocs/2.10/Small Business Center.pdf
Financial Aid Office /5thYearDocs/2.10/Financial Aid-office.pdf
loan information /5thYearDocs/2.10/Accept My Loans.pdf
FAFSA /5thYearDocs/2.10/fafsa.pdf
consumer information /5thYearDocs/2.10/Consumer Information.pdf
Student Activities Office /5thYearDocs/2.10/Student Activities.pdf
clubs and organizations /5thYearDocs/2.10/Clubs Organizations.pdf
Student Government Association /5thYearDocs/2.10/Student Government Association.pdf
Graduate /5thYearDocs/2.10/2016-Graduate-Survey-chart.pdf
Current Student /5thYearDocs/2.10/2016-Current-Student-Survey-Charts.pdf
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